ready for a bigger playground?

The Imaginary Game has moved online.

through the summer: online and more.

We're looking for new ways to play.

Our players are hungry for adventure, and we're giving it to them.

Come join us online and get in touch with other young Imaginary Gamers looking to connect. 

In addition to the online games: a community of players. Scavenger hunts. Clues and crafting, maps and scrolls.  Join us as these new ways to play take shape. Stay tuned!

what you'll need

We are using laptops and desktops to play.

This means you'll need ...

  • The Java version of Minecraft (available from for $26.95
  • a PC or Mac laptop or desktop to run it on
  • Headphones with a mic
  • Discord, a free voice and text app for gamers

The Imaginary Game After school

Stay in touch!

Email JD to get on the mailing list and stay up on upcoming games.