april 6-10: our first big game of the year.

Get in on the action while there are still slots left!

Get in on the action while there are still slots left!

Get in on the action while there are still slots left!

The Imaginary Game



$375/week (Ridgeville residents)

$400/week (non-residents)

Kamen Park

1121 South Boulevard

Evanston, IL


Very simple. Click on the button below! It will take you to the registration page.

summer 2020: august 10-14, 17-21 is already sold out!

We sold those games out in about 4 hours.

Demand is incredibly high. We're eternally grateful, and also eager to get more games in. We are in search of new venues for Summer. Keep in touch! Get on the mailing list: write to john@imaginaryservices.com.  As soon as something opens up, we will let you know.

introducing: before and after care!


Before-care: 8am-9:30am

For the working parent, and for the player who wants more game!


After-care: 4pm-6pm

We'll be there so you can get home from work easily. And your young player gets an extra couple hours of crafting weapons, armor, and magic!


Magic Returns! We can't wait!

We are extremely proud to have Ridgeville Park District host us again for Spring Break and our two epic weeks in August. This will be our third year, and we couldn't be more ready.

Ages 8-14.

Send your young adventurer on a journey they'll never forget.


Make Friends. Write your own story.

the imaginary game

Scrolls will be issued.
Quests will be written.
Rules will be invented.
(for Teddy) Popsicles will be served.
they will taste like victory.

Have your legend live on.

the imaginary game first magic scroll

The things that get conjured in The Imaginary Game live on for games to come.

Come build your piece of the history.

the imaginary game

Comin' back atcha!

The Imaginary Game

is a live action role playing game

for kids

age 8 1/2 - 14 1/2

Your small band of crafters, warriors, and magic-users has found

a strange new  land.

Messages on scrolls tell of quests, training, adventures

Myths to be unearthed from the Land

Make your flag;

build your arms and armor;

inhabit the world;

reveal magic; 

taste sweet victory.

The artifacts, spells, and deeds of the last game become the magic and lore that begins our next one.

Our Motto.

We practice mindfulness and awareness in our Game. Every morning, when we Gather, we'll ask ourselves the three questions:

Is it safe?

Is it kind?

It is fun (just for me, or for everyone?)

If the answer to those 3(4!) questions is yes

then you're playing the Game!