a whole new world.

a whole new world.

a whole new world.a whole new world.a whole new world.

Introducing a whole new way to play The Imaginary Game.

The imaginary game online!


We're moving ALL our afterschool programs to online gaming.

It's no secret: we're stuck inside for a while. But The Imaginary Game didn't want the fun to stop. That's why we are moving our game to a place where we can all play: safely, kindly, and with as much fun as possible.


All our current players are invited to join our new online world for free.

We are beta-testing our whole new system of play. Minecraft™ is providing our world, and Discord™ is providing our way to talk with one another.


We're working hard with our young players, and their parents, to make The Imaginary Game Online as wonderful and engaging as our live game. Navigating a new way to play can be tricky: we'll be there every step of the way to make sure we all get to play.

Mondays at ridgeville: online

4pm-6pm until May 18th

wednesdays at james park: online

4pm-6pm until April 29th

wanna play?

We have a lot of work to do before this thing is ready for more players–but when it is, it is going to be fun. Stay up to date on developments with The Imaginary Game, online and otherwise, by writing to john@imaginaryservices.com.

Ages 8-14.

Send your young adventurer on a journey they'll never forget.


the imaginary game

Make Friends. Write your own story.

Scrolls will be issued.
Quests will be written.
Rules will be invented.
(for Teddy) Popsicles will be served.
they will taste like victory.

the imaginary game first magic scroll

Have your legend live on.

The things that get conjured in The Imaginary Game live on for games to come.

Come build your piece of the history.

the imaginary game

The Imaginary Game

is a live action (and now online!) role playing game

for kids

age 8 1/2 - 14 1/2

Your small band of crafters, warriors, and magic-users has found

a strange new  land.

Messages on scrolls tell of quests, training, adventures

Myths to be unearthed from the Land

Make your flag;

build your arms and armor;

inhabit the world;

reveal magic; 

taste sweet victory.

The artifacts, spells, and deeds of the last game become the magic and lore that begins our next one.

Our Motto.

We practice mindfulness and awareness in our Game. Every morning, when we Gather, we'll ask ourselves the three questions:

Is it safe?

Is it kind?

It is fun (just for me, or for everyone?)

If the answer to those 3(4!) questions is yes

then you're playing the Game!