The Imaginary Game gives kids ages 8-14 the extraordinary opportunity to build and experience their own fantasy game world, filled with adventure, achievements, and magic, all of their own design.

In a world of toy conglomerates, movie franchises, and computer-generated virtual reality, The Imaginary Game allows young minds and bodies to grow. We give them back the power to create their own worlds, far more rich, real, and dynamic than any movie could ever hope to be.


We build castles.

We construct histories, nations, clans, mysteries, magic, mazes. We capture flags. We build our own fantasy style weapons and armor. We learn Combat Tag, and conjure magic from the Land. 

We create epic quests.

For ourselves, and our friends–then live them out.

We include everyone.

We make sure everyone who wants to play gets a chance to shine. 

We make epic woodland overnight adventures for the most athletic, and online virtual realities–and blogs, journals, stories, geographies, wikis–for the most introspective.

There are ways for both the athletic and the introspective to play, both outdoors and indoors, and feel like they are part of a community of other like-minded players and friends.

Come join us.

The Imaginary Game builds mindfulness, awareness, and individuality within a collective–safe, kind, and fun for everyone.


the imaginary game

Make Friends. Write your own story.

Scrolls will be issued.
Quests will be written.
Rules will be invented.
(for Teddy) Popsicles will be served.
they will taste like victory.

the imaginary game first magic scroll

Have your legend live on.

The things that get conjured in The Imaginary Game live on for games to come.

Come build your piece of the history.