The Imaginary Game Evanston


August 5th-9th, 12-16th

Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm

General Manager: John Dalton

john's cell


Gathering in groups begins at 9am.

We will be onsite by about 8:30am.

All players bring their own lunch, water bottle, sunscreen and enough food to make it through the day.

No nuts. We got allergies.

We have water and bathrooms onsite.

Breaks for snacks and cooling off are encouraged.

The game ends for the day at 4pm. 

After-care is available through Ridgeville.

We will play in the rain. 

Ridgeville Park District Phone


1121 South Boulevard, Evanston, Illinois 60202, United States

What the players make in one game becomes the stuff of legend for the next.

Kamen Park is what most people call our Field of Play - but for a couple weeks, it will be a strange, new land, filled with potential: magic groves, places of power, the seats of new groups.

They write their own story.

In our last Game, the House of Valoria drew this map of the Land, what they found there–and just how they wanted to capture it in order to found the new Seat of the Valorian Empire.

In The Imaginary Game, players make their own maps, write their own stories, name their own lands –and the winning team's Map becomes the start of the next Game.